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MTECH creates custom orthotics that provide foot comfort and correction for our clients helping them to live happier and healthier lives.

We strive to be the reliable, responsible, dependable, and efficient resource for podiatrists and foot specialists serving patients suffering from foot discomfort.

MTECH is a veteran friendly company supporting veterans and their families.



MTECH was founded in 1995 to provide quality custom orthotics to fit every shoe. Our orthotics are 100% made in the USA. The highly skilled MTECH team carefully makes every pair to suit the needs of our clients. We deploy state of the art equipment for manufacturing and seek constant improvements every step of the way.

Podiatrists, hospitals, and foot specialists approve of our results for their patients. Since 2001, MTECH has focused on supporting and assisting Veterans and their families.


From the Beginning, We Set Out to Make a Difference


Operations Begin

After a promising career in the orthotics industry, Tom Miller founds M-Tech Lab. Sale of orthotics begin for correction and comfort.


Move to Indianapolis

Operations move from Florida to Indianapolis. M-Tech Lab expands with their own space to build custom orthotics by prescription.


Production Improvements

Having investigated technological advancements in orthotics, machinery and software undergo upgrades to modern systems.


Serving Veterans

Desiring to help those who serve expands as Veteran's Hospitals become a priority. Support for veteran's associations begins.


Relocation to 8653 Bash St

Expanding manufacturing, the business relocates to former Mann Properties location on the northeast side of Indianapolis.


Next Steps and a Legacy

Following 28 years in orthotics, the Millers approach retirement by selling M-Tech Lab to business veterans George Clark and Rob Rasor.


A Fresh Look Forward

M-Tech Lab extends operations with a brand refresh, updates the business name to MTECH, and launches a refreshed website.



Early M-Tech Lab logo.


M-Tech Lab logo circa 2011. Adaptation from earlier version of words and official icon image.


MTECH 2023 logo from brand refresh. Inclusion of tagline and updated color pattern to reflect medical as well as veteran's focus.


MTECH 2023 black and white logo version from brand refresh. Note the removal of the tagline as appropriate or space needs require it.



Rob Rasor

As a Partner of MTECH, Rob brings over 26 years of marketing and consulting experience to the table. He plays an integral role in strategic direction, market direction, and future growth planning of MTECH. Rob has a passion to provide go-to strategy, social marketing, product marketing, customer retention, and partnership development. Currently, Rob lives in Noblesville, Indiana, with his wife and 2 children, loves music, and is highly involved with his church.

George Clark

As a Partner of MTECH, George brings over 26 years of sales and growth consulting experience to the business. He performs a vital position in sales and marketing strategy, financial insight, and growth methodologies of MTECH. George is enthusiastic about market strategy, product development, and partnership expansion. As a resident of Fishers, Indiana, with his wife, George enjoys golf, travel, and is very active with his church.


The Future of MTECH

Our goals as leaders of MTECH are to

  • Develop and implement ethical strategic operational plans

  • Respectfully manage people, resources, and processes

  • Coach and develop high performing teams

  • Ensure operational groups meet the needs of internal and external customers

  • Continually enhance our offerings to improve the health and comfort of our customers

We welcome the opportunity to visit with you and bring you into the MTECH family!

Rob & George


8653 Bash St, Indianapolis, IN 46256, USA


Podiatrists and Foot Specialists often have questions regarding our products as well as procedures. Our team answers your questions and posts answers to the most common questions here.

What are M-Tech Lab's Posting Parameters?

Forefoot Posting: 6 degrees maximum varus and 4 degrees maximum valgus

Rearfoot Posting: 4 degrees varus is standard – Lab standard is 4/4 except for arch filled devices which are posted to neutral

What is the turnaround time for my orders?

MTECH will complete and ship the completed order(s) within 5 working days from receipt of cast(s).

How do I make an order after signing up?

Here is how you place an order.

  1. Take your foam or slipper sock castings of the patient.

  2. Place all castings, with their accompanying order forms, in a box and apply a business reply label to the top (see the forms page for our business reply labels and our order forms).

  3. Ship the box to our office at 8653 Bash St, Indianapolis IN 46256

How long has M-Tech Lab, Inc. (MTECH) been in operation?

M-Tech Lab was founded in 1995 by Tom Miller, who is a 30 year veteran in the orthotics industry. While Tom still consults with the business he founded, MTECH is now owned and managed by 26 year business growth specialists George Clark and Rob Rasor. To find out more, read our history in the About section.

Does M-Tech do refurbishments?

MTECH can refurbish orthotics made by our lab as well as shell orthotics manufactured by other orthotic labs. Note that finishing materials may vary in appearance and type from the original. Currently refurbishing charges start at a minimum of $50 depending upon the extent and type of refurbishing necessary. Orthotics made by other labs that have a damaged plastic shell cannot be refurbished.

What are MTECH's Standards and Policies?

  • FREE adjustments first 45 days.

  • Computerized digital castings are stored for at least 5 years.

  • Consultation services available which are always free. Free order forms and mailing labels upon request. Click Here to view them.

  • Each doctor is entitled to one free personal pair of orthotics every 2 years - eligibility begins after the doctor has ordered and paid for 6 new pair.

  • Members of the doctor's immediate family and staff are eligible for a 10% discount for their devices.

  • Children's outgrowth - a 15% discount will be applied to each additional pair after the first is outgrown.

  • All devices are warrantied against defects in workmanship, materials and fit.

  • Free adjustments can be made for 45 days after invoicing. Top covers and extrinsic posts (crepe) cannot be warrantied due to varying levels of patient activity. Prescription changes will be billed according to price lists.

  • All polypropylene shells are warrantied for 5 years against breakage; however, abuse of any kind (i.e. prolonged outdoor exposure, chewing by pets, etc.) loss or outgrowth are not covered by this warranty.

  • No warranty for devices made by another lab.

  • Due to the fact that each device is manufactured as a custom orthotic, no refunds will be given on orthotics ordered inappropriately, incorrectly or not accepted by the patient.

How does MTECH ship?

All completed devices are currently returned by UPS ground rate or first class mail. Requests for other methods such as Next Day and 2nd Day Air will be charged at current applicable rates.

How does MTECH bill?

All Invoices are Net 30 Days. Invoice notices are sent with each completed order. Statements may be sent by request. Digital payment methods are preferred through ACH and Credit Cards unless other arrangements have been made. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and ApplePay.




Register Your Organization

Starting a relationship with MTECH is easy. Reach out to us, setup a payment agreement, decide the volume of orders, receive training on our process, and begin ordering custom orthotics.


Order Foam Impression Kits

When onboarding with MTECH, we take great care to make sure your patients have accurate measurements using our foam kits, scanners, or castings.


Submit Orders

Having a thorough podiatrist or technician prescription submitted helps us accurately create the right custom orthotic device for correction and comfort.


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